Recent Conferences

Event Date Subject Participation
SRHE 2019, Newport, Wales December 2019 Creativity in Higher Education Attended.
SUSEES Summer School, Naples, Italy July 2019 EU-funded Sociology of Education and Research Writing Summer School Awarded a full attendance scholarship (accommodation, tuition and mentoring) for a week of presentations and writing.
SRHE Annual Conference, Newport South Wales December 2018 Are we haunted by the ghosts of PhDs past? Invited panellist
Creative Writing for Social Research, Sheffield University November 2018 Why not just conform? Invited plenary speaker
TILT (Trent Institute for Teaching and Learning), NTU, Nottingham June 2017 Re-genring academic writing and assessment Invited plenary speaker
NFEAP 2017 (Norwegian Forum for EAP) Oslo University, Norway June 2017 What makes our Writing Academic? Winner of the NFEAP Ann Torday Gulden Scholarship and Plenary speaker
BALEAP ResTes, Leeds University January 2017 Respondent for Jackie Tuck (on Academic Literacies and EAP) Invited respondent
British Council, Ramallah, Palestine September 2012 From Myth to Credence: Understanding EAP Invited plenary speaker at Birzeit University, Ramallah, and Round Table Chair on ‘Understanding EAP’ hosted by the British Council in Ramallah and East Jerusalem with video-link to Gaza University

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