Podcasting as Scholarship

Sharing scholarship

increasingly, podcasting is envisioned as an alternative academic publication format in itself, where research is formally published as a podcast

This blog – from Open Reflectionsdisplays a varied repertoire of disciplinary podcasts ranging from cinematography to politics and the rhetoric of rhyme (a dissertation published as rap).

My interest in all this stems from the realisation that the writing of traditional, monomodal and monolingual academic essays still dominates academia – from undergraduate writing to the kind of writing that is perceived to be REF-able – despite evidence that the genres and modes of academic disciplinary communication have historically been and currently are varied.

Does traditional writing limit our thinking, our understanding, our explanatory force, our creativity, our imagination, and our communicative outreach? If so, how? And does this matter?

The richness of scholarly communications: https://101innovations.wordpress.com/

How do you and anyone you know (of) communicate your academic thinking? What formats and genres are demanded of you, have you chosen, and why? If you supervise diversity and mobility in academic communication, how do you navigate and justify your rhetorical adherence to both tradition and innovation, to stability and mobility in an academic landscape that is changing?